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What is GAP?

GAP insurance bridges the divide between what your health insurance will cover and what you’re expected to pay. It can reduce or even eliminate the out-of-pocket expenses you or your family might face as the result of an injury or sickness.

Did you know?

63% of Americans don’t have the savings to cover out-of-pocket medical costs of $500 – a fraction of most healthcare plan deductibles – in the event of an injury of sickness.

Source: Survey by Bank Rate, as seen in Forbes and the Chicago Tribune

GAP+ goes further

GAP+ not only provides you with greater protection than a traditional gap policy, but it adds unique health benefits that reward you for taking an active role in your well-being.

GAP Benefits


This benefit will pay you when you experience any sickness or injury that requires you to be hospitalized for at least 24 hours.


This benefit pays you when you receive certain medical treatments that don’t require a hospital stay, like an MRI or a visit to the emergency room.
GAP+ Benefits

Outpatient Screening & Diagnostic

This benefit pays you when you undergo a screening procedure like a biometric screen, cholesterol test, or health risk assessment.

Outpatient Treatment

This benefit pays you for receiving a variety of healthcare treatments. This can include consulting a qualified healthcare professional, adhering to medication refills or seeing the dentist.

Paying for your policies

Participating in health screening and treatments qualify you to receive monthly claim payments from your GAP+ policy. These payments offset the cost of your GAP+ policy, making excellent coverage much easier to afford. Depending on your coverage level and income, you could fund additional policies through Triada just by enrolling in GAP+.

Take advantage of your benefits

GAP+ provides you with access to a comprehensive wellness program called Triada HRM. This program consolidates a variety of healthcare services like a personal dietitian, a prescription discount plan and health advocacy that you can utilize to receive your GAP+ Health benefits every month.

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GAP+ protects Ed’s wallet

Ed has GAP+ through Triada.

Each month that Ed consults his personal dietitian and refills his blood pressure medication, he receives monthly payments for engaging in his Health Screening and Health Treatment Benefits.

Payments are deposited into Ed’s bank account.

It is deposited on the same day as his paycheck and help offset the cost of his GAP+ policy.

Ed can fund additional policies.

Since he’s enrolled in GAP+, Ed is also able to fund an Accident policy through Triada without reducing his take-home pay.

One day, Ed has an accident.

He falls down a flight of stairs, and is admitted to the emergency room where he undergoes an MRI and is diagnosed with a concussion.

Ed could have to pay his maximum out-of-pocket deductible.

Since Ed hasn’t met his health insurance deductible for the year, he could be expected to pay up to his maximum out-of-pocket for his treatment.

Triada bridges the GAP.

Ed’s GAP+ policy covers him for $2,500 of outpatient benefits. On top of that, his Triada Accident Policy will pay him $300 for his emergency room treatment, $300 for his MRI and $450 for suffering a concussion – regardless of his medical expenses.

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