Help your employees get more out of their insurance

Providing health insurance is expensive. We’ve redesigned supplemental benefits to make it affordable. We encourage employees to use their insurance through education and support - saving them and your business money.

Simple policies

Insurance shouldn’t be a treasure hunt. Our policies are clearly laid out and easy to understand.

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Short-Term Disability
Accident Insurance
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Easy to file claims

Our guided claims process helps your employees quickly receive their benefits when they need them most.

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Reducing future health risks with GAP+

GAP+ adds our Health Risk Management program to the GAP policy, providing your company with additional insight on population health and claims utilization through data analytics and giving your employees access to clinical services such as telemedicine, personal dietitians and more. Our proactive approach will keep employees engaged at work and help prevent future health risks. The policy even pays for itself when employees participate every month.

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A solid foundation for the future

Every Triada product comes backed by an A rated carrier. The Triada team has put it’s 40+ years of experience in group insurance into producing policies that re-invent how employees interact with their health insurance to give them a brighter future.

Offer best in class coverage

We’re committed to providing employees world class benefits at more affordable rates.

Pre-tax funding

Triada leverages pre-tax funding to make our policies affordable for employees. This means better coverage for less money.


An employee makes $1,500 every paycheck. They have a GAP+ policy that gives them $5,000 in inpatient coverage and $2,500 in outpatient coverage. Benefits are increased as coverage is expanded.


They’re charged a pre-taxed premium of $191.74 for this policy every paycheck.


Through participation in our Health Risk Management Program, the employee receives a claim payment of $150.00 from their GAP+ policy. This is directly deposited into their bank account on the same day as their paycheck.


This changes their net take-home pay from $1,125.00 to $1,131.19. They can use the extra $6.19 to help fund additional policies from Triada.

This is an example of a semi-monthly paycheck of an employee under 40 years old. Premiums may change based on benefit amount, coverage type, and age.



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