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John suffers a heart attack.

He’s admitted to the hospital for five days and undergoes a bypass surgery.

He receives a hefty bill.

John has to pay $6,300— his maximum out-of-pocket cost for his hospital stay, anesthesia, and surgery.

Triada reimburses John.

Triada GAP will reimburse him for his expenses up to $5,000.

John’s policy is completely funded— which means no deductions from his paycheck.

GAP+ combines an enhanced GAP policy and a bundle of healthcare services into a consolidated benefits solution. It offers even more protection than a traditional GAP policy, giving you the opportunity to fund this insurance by taking an active role in your well-being.

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Critical Illness

Jeanette suffers a stroke.

She’s rushed to the hospital and receives a bill for her stay and treatment.

Her primary insurance covers only a portion of expenses.

With Triada Critical Illness Insurance, Jeanette can file a claim on her policy after her diagnosis.

Triada sends her $15,000.

Regardless of her medical expenses, Jeanette will receive a lump-sum payment of $15,000.


Mark is in a car accident and hurts his arm.

He visits the emergency room that afternoon and an X-Ray determines that his arm is broken.

His arm is put in a cast.

After filing a claim with his Triada Accident policy, Mark receives payments for $200 for his fracture, $300 for his treatment, and $75 for the X-Ray.

Mark is paid a flat amount.

He’s eligible for these payments regardless of his medical expenses.

Short-Term Disability

Susan falls down carrying laundry and hurts her back.

Her injury is severe enough to prevent her from returning to work for two months.

Susan’s employer gives her time off, but with no pay.

She makes $3,000 a month, but now she needs income to help cover her bills. Susan files a claim on her Triada Short-Term Disability policy.

Triada has her back.

After filing a claim, her policy pays her $1,800 each month (60% of her income) for the time she’s absent from work.

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